Telecom: Customer Application Forms Processing

Telecom: Customer Application Forms Processing

Customer onboarding process in telecom is a critical process in which the turnaround time is important to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

DocPro application is used by telecommunication companies to save the turnaround time between customer submitting the application form till the requested service is activated.

The distributor collects the Customer Application Forms (CAFs) and the KYC documents do a first level check to ensure the KYC norms are met and then sends it to the processing location for audit, data entry, and storage.

The distributors are given access to DocPro application that will allow scanning of the CAFs and the KYC documents. The scanned images will be available to the processing location through the system.

The physical files will arrive at the processing centre eventually.

DocPro helps Telecommunication companies to get an end-to-end visibility of the customer onboarding process.

DocPro has a very simple interface for scanning the CAFs and the KYC documents. The images and the data pertaining to the scanned images are transmitted to the processing centre and immediately available for the further process of scrutiny, validation, verification and approval. DocPro handles the entire process seamlessly and provides dashboards for easy monitoring of the entire process.


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