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T&E Automation

An expense incurred by an employee while he/she is traveling for business purposes or entertaining a business client. Examples of traveling expenses include money spent on lodging, transportation, and meals. The people are responsible for submitting proper travel documents for reimbursement that continue to have all forms routed for appropriate signatures. The respective officer should gather and store all supporting documentation (i.e. flight itineraries, business travel expense, hotel receipts, registration fee forms etc.)

From a departmental perspective, it becomes difficult to store and work on the physical forms.

Chrome has developed a software product that could manage all the difficulties faced by an organization.

Features of Travel and Expense Automation Software 

  • Boost efficiency with an optical character recognition (OCR) feature that reads expense information from receipts and automatically creates the expense
  • Speed adoption with an easy-to-use interface and browser, email, and mobile-enabled features
  • Ease administrative burdens with automatic, process-driven expense submission
  • Check expense report status and actions needed with real-time tracking feature
  • Configure the approval process and assign approvers with dynamic, multi-level workflow

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